Pool Shark

Simulation 1999 Windows Gremlin Pool or Snooker

Perfect for pool gaming from a third person perspective

There are the pool games that have a 3D version, but you just know that it's a waste of time. The level of detail or the way the animation works just doesn't invite you to experience it from that particular perspective. If the game has a top down view of the table you might give it a try, but ifit doesn't, well, it's a good bye and fast forward to the uninstall screen. Well, Pool Shark is a very well polished game for 3D perspective playthroughs. It manages it by creating a pattern of animations (camera swoops) that are just natural to the way you'd interact with a billiard's table while playing it in real life. Your camera when you're just analyzing a shot it's way higher, so you can see the table as you need to, then, when you prepare a shot, you can close down on the angle, using the cue to prepare your shot. Also, the transition between these movement options works great, and you are always in the game, never frustrated by it. Besides, when you're waiting for your adversary to play, the diverse rooms can be admired, and they're detailed enough to keep you interested and, well, amused for a bit. But, at any rate, the physics of the game itself, I'd argue are impeccable, and thus you'll really have a reason to keep this game on your system for a very long time. The game also packs some oddities, trick games and some other such mish mash, but the regular 8 and 9 ball games it's where it's at. If you're looking for an older game, but one that is really playable, a DOS style great, try Sharkey's Pool, (from Microprose actually, not related to Pool Shark!) though here, you'd better play in 2D if you care for precise shots in this one!

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