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Modern looking Privateer, a joy to play

If you loved the old Privateer game, and are not adverse to the modern developments of the modern age, namely beautiful highly polished graphics, a more coherent interface, smoother mouse and keyboard or joystick controls and other such refinements, then this game has got it all. Sure, it is not some never before seen beautiful game, but, nonetheless, it is a sweet, highly enticing product. The key mechanics, the kind of minimal 4X that the game was based on and the space battles are better than ever, more satisfying and also, more well realized. So, yeah, don't hesitate. As long as remakes go, this one is as good as they get. Modern, not dumbed down version of the original but enhanced, truly enhanced. It might be a little bigger, installer wise but if you never understood the Privateer craze, well, now it's maybe time to see what it was all about. You'll find a beautifully realized space game, with lots more assists to learn to play and graphics that don't look dated, not even in 2014. And surely, Privateer the old and original deserved some new clothes, it was sure a game that has enough hear to merit the effort put in by the developers.

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