Wing Commander: Privateer

Simulation 1993 Dos ORIGIN Systems Flight Space combat Space flight Shooter Action Sci fi

One of the best space fighter games out there

Wing Commander: Privateer is a masterpiece of space flight and gun type of gameplay; it took the ideas of Elite and pumped them up, made them a lot more satisfying to sink into, graphically, missions wise and also, in terms of the number of alien races and the size of the exportable galaxy. While not truly a 4x game in the description that we've come to associate with such a game, without a question Wing Commander: Privateer has all it takes to be more than just an arcade title of flight and gunning. So, with that mind, you should expect to engage in fearsome battles, in quite a bit of military and merchant based interactions. Your goal is to be one of the best privateers of the universe, ship owners and space merchants that truly know how to make a living for themselves in space. More than anything, Wing Commander: Privateer is a game that will take you from the bottom and will take you to really great heights of space exploration. Definitely worth having in your collection, with great production value.

A fantastic space flight action game

This game is an excellent installment of the Wing Commander series and provides mountains of fun. Set in the distant future, you start with a simple space craft and a small amount of money and you are free to choose you occupation - a merchant, a mercenary, pirate or smuggler. There is virtually the whole space to explore and multiple enemies you can encounter and fight or trade with. Piloting the craft is a great deal of fun on its own (although not very realistic and not listening to the laws of physics, but what do we care, right?), and fighting various enemies is even more so. There is a main plot you can follow, but you can also roam the star system and take on various side jobs, which makes the game time a lot, lot longer than usual. Within minutes, you will be hooked to the game and won't finish until everything is explored and every enemy is destroyed, guaranteed. It has a great atmosphere and is very challenging, especially near the very end. The graphics are a lot better than the old Wing Commander games, the images sharper and a lot more detailed. If you liked the Wing Commander series you will not be disappointed in this game and if you're new to the game, you will surely want to try the rest of the games in the franchise. Fantastic!

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