LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Action 2005 Windows Eidos Cartoon Space combat 3D action adventure

Classic LEGO action

It's almost impossible to play a LEGO game without a huge smile on your face for the entire running time, and when it's based on Star Wars, well, that just makes things even better. This one is based on the prequels and while the movies didn't exactly satisfy the fans, the game fares a whole lot better and is quite simply brilliant fun. This one pretty much laid down the template for all subsequent LEGO games, introducing the core gameplay, which consists of a straightforward combination of platforming action, combat, puzzling and collecting, as well as the multiple character concept which has become a vital part of the series' success. The game sees players running, jumping, and light sabring their way through several wonderfully realised levels from the movies, and while the action may be simple, it's never less than supremely entertaining. The levels are so well designed, with plenty of opportunity for exploration, that you just can't stop yourself from peeking around the next corner to find out what surprise is in store next. Cutscenes too are laced with that sly LEGO humour that respects the spirit of Star Wars but shows a different side to the universe we all know and love and adds something wonderful and new to it. Sound effects and music are as authentic as you'd hope, with all the blaster sounds, engine screams and of course, that theme tune, replicated to perfection. LEGO Star Wars might not be complicated or deep, but it sure is fun, and let's face it, what more could you ask for in a game? Darth Vader perhaps? Well, you've got him too, so there really is nothing to complain about. Simply fire this up, sit back and enjoy. Check out the Original Trilogy too for even more of the same.

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