Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Sport 2005 Windows Konami Soccer Tournaments

A diverse soccer game

It is yet another great soccer installment to the series and is truly effective in meeting the standards of real classic soccer games. The theme of the game is quite stylish as the graphics in terms of the backgrounds and the stadiums have been made quite sharp and realistic. The graphics are supported by some very good animations which show their real colors when you ride the ball to the goal post or do all those exciting moves on the field. Yes you can do various moves with balls in the form of some great kicks where the ball can be curved with good accuracy. The game has some good playing modes in which all of them are equally exciting and stunning. The level designs in the form of different stadiums in the game are very unique both in term of the background, the color schemes and the dynamics of the playfield. You really get a feel of the action as it kicks off and sets your pulse rating. The controls of the game are also very good as your player can move the ball with some good tackling. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 has also been very good with its gameplay and the diversity of options.

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