FIFA Soccer 2004

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Modern, fast, exciting, deeply satisfying!

The FIFA series can be all over the map in terms of quality and in terms of its general appreciation from the public. In recent, modern times most of the players of soccer action games have generally migrated towards wither the FIFAs of recent age or have forfeited it for the Konami modern jewel that is the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Either way, 2004 FIFA Soccer was a modern game in full swing, satisfying graphically, satisfying in terms of controls and of overall game polishing. I would even say that this is the best effort in FIFA's longstanding history, in terms of being the top soccer simulator in comparison with what was available at the time, season wise, but then again I'm not sure I tried many other action soccer games of 2003, except maybe for AFL Live 2003, but that being said, FIFA has got to be the winner of this brawl. Anyway, what it is that makes the game stand so tall i my view is its attention to detail on all levels, from the commentators (and the actual comments!) used to the physics of the ball and the animations of the players. All of them are carefully delivered, well produced and well tied together, to produce a really satisfying game, from all points of view. Definitely give it a visit.

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