FIFA Soccer 2005

Sport 2004 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer Tournaments

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The action is realistic

It is very good soccer game which is liked by a good number of gamers all over the world. Though there are many brilliant and better soccer games that are being played, but this game has the elements which can keep you interested. Starting with the playing options, you can play single matches and can also take part in world tournaments and leagues. The game also gives you player profiles and stats which change as you play on the game. The controls of the ball have been made realistic and the ball really sticks to your feet if you tackle it effectively. The good thing is that you can yourself choose the player near the ball to take control of it and it allows you to snatch the ball easily. However it is not as easy as it is said because the opponents are very good with tackling the ball and they also throw in lethal kicks at your goal keeper. The graphics and the viewing angle of the game is very good and you get detailed action. You can do a variety of moves in the form of simple and curving kicks with different flight trajectories. The sequel version to this one that is FIFA Soccer 2006 is equally good and fun playing.

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