UEFA Champions League Season 2004/2005

Sport 2005 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer Tournaments

Extraordinary soccer game

UEFA Champions League Season 2004-2005 is another soccer game that offers the fans of the genre the big chance to guide their trained teams from the qualifications full of emotions, to the big glory! Even the lower league teams will have the permission to enter the fabulous European football. Throughout the game, you will have to complete 50 stimulating and incomparable missions, on the soccer field and outside of it ("The Season" mode). The 2004-2005 season doesn't ruin the impeccable image of the UCL series, and it comes with better and more attractive graphics than FIFA. The developers have succeeded once again to reproduce faithfully the broadcasting dynamics of the Champions League and to introduce us to the extraordinary atmosphere of this competition. Unlike the previous installments, the AI is significantly more aggressive when attacking on the field. You will guide one team to the Final, in your way to succeed as European Champions. You will unlock additional features such as balls, a stadium and special exhibition modes. Other modes include scenarios and practice. So, dare to take control of your football destiny and career by playing UEFA Champions League Season 2004-2005!

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