Arcade 1986 Dos Softdisk Publishing Item collection Strategic scope

Get all the diamonds!

Pyramids is a sort of Digger kind of game, pretty interesting and pretty well produced. It tasks you with roaming in each level to gather all the diamonds. When you've collected them all, you can go on to the exit and a new level will be made available. Also, what Pyramids does great is offer you simple, early 90s style graphics that look very retro, but also very cool There are monsters in each level, and so your roaming about is not as easy as it might seem; quite on the contrary, you will take quite a bit of time to get it all done, and so, you will have a great time, loads of fun with it; more than anything, the game offers you a satisfying experience in terms of the way it is produced, It has its dose of puzzle, band the graphics sort of hint at an Egyptian theme, but that is not necessarily the only visual theme of the game. And, so, with that in mind, Pyramids does a great job of it all, and will inadvertently give you a whole load of relaxing fun to dig into. So, have a go at it, Pyramids is a great action sidescrolling puzzler.

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