Road Runner

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Simple but charming cartoon fun

The legendary Warner Bros. cartoon character Road Runner comes to life in this simple but charming action game that features all the expected hijinks that made him so popular on the TV screen. The basic gameplay takes a side scrolling perspective, and sees the titular bird sprinting along a seemingly never ending road, avoiding trucks, falling rocks and of course his notorious nemesis, the equally legendary Wile E. Coyote. Vital to your success are the piles of bird seed dotted along the road, for without them, Roadrunner will lose his energy and become easy prey for the hungry coyote. Points are added to your score for successfully eating seed and for making Wile E. hit the trucks or rocks instead of Roadrunner. Adding to the challenge is Wile E.'s trademark use of bizarre devices like rockets and pogo sticks. Visually, Roadrunner really hits the mark, with all the bright colours that you would expect given the game's source material and it is undeniably appealing in this respect. Sound however, is somewhat more limited, with an appropriately chirpy tune constantly playing, but little else. Gameplay is very simple too, and doesn't really evolve much beyond the basic premise, so those looking for a long term gaming experience are likely to be disappointed. However, for younger cartoon fans, this is a fun and uncomplicated, albeit short-lived, piece of gaming action. Cartoon fans should also check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Tom and Jerry for more animated fun and frolics.

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