Airborne Ranger

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Microprose Action based Strategic scope

MOdern simulation or warfare action, Loved IT!

It is one of the revolutionary action games which have established its repute as a classic modern warfare action simulation. The unique thing in this game is that it is the first time when Warfare games apart from the reflexes need a stealth technology and strategic thinking to complete the missions that involve great action. You will play an airborne ranger who will be dropped at different locations for performing different missions like collecting some package or rescuing POWs. The game gives you a very good variety of distinct ways in which you can kill your enemy and that has been made possible by inducting a variety of different weapons. A stealth shooter has also been incorporated for disabling the enemies to detect your presence. The game is pretty tough than what you have seen with other games in this genre. You will have to complete your mission by distracting the attention of the enemies and will have to manage your ammo and your supply very carefully so that you can make it through the entire map that you have for a mission. The graphics in this tactical shooter are very god and so are the controls which are really fluid. The interface has also been well formulated and so is the music. The game is far more superior to the likes of Rocket Ranger.

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