The Pyramids of Egypt

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Epic Item collection

2D trap filled maze game, Egyptian inspired

Maze games are a staple of our gaming history, not even since the development of the computers and processors, but since time immemorial. I mean, look at the legend of Icarus, it's all about mazes and people trying to escape their destinies, their mazes! Heck, but I'm getting out of line here! So, what you'll get with The Pyramids of Egypt is a top down exploration heavy maze crawler. As the name suggests you are trapped in a series of Egyptian themed mazes, and you have to get out of there at all costs. It takes precision at times, it takes knowing your enemies (and their movement patterns!) and a bit of luck to get out of there alive, but it sure is doable, as the game doesn't really want you to go out of your mind in frustration. However, expect very simple mazes, within that very early 8bit kind of look. If you like that, then you will absolutely love this game, as it is made within that kind of genre, and, sure enough, it is a very well done game made within these limitations. Also, with great sets of spiked and otherwise traps, this really, genuinely feels like an Egyptian game, which is so great. Alternatively, well, see a Pac Man clone, as sure enough, this too has been inspired by the all mighty pellet eater of yore!

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