Rallo Gump

Action 1994 Dos Edge Platformer

Sub-par run 'n' jump action and ugly beyond belief

The name of Rallo Gump is certainly not one which many video game history books will spend much time discussing and it is likely to pass into obscurity as players pass it over for more well known games like Mario, Rayman and Sonic. However, while it lacks the charms of such games, it is a reasonable side-scrolling platformer, that while not offering much innovation, is worth a brief investigation. The game unfortunately gets off to a fairly bad start with one of the ugliest main characters ever designed and a story that sounds like the worst rantings of a deranged 8 year old, full of awful names and childish puns. Once you get past the hideous title screen, things don't improve much, with the same lack of visual charm present in the game itself, thanks to the hideous colour schemes, environments and characters which you are forced to experience. If you can put up with this and actually start playing, you will find the game to be a fairly standard platformer that requires you to jump, fly and swim your way through numerous levels, rescuing your fellows and avoiding the predations of weird animals like purple panthers, while looking out for hidden areas to boost your score. If you've ever played any platformer, from the mainstream examples mentioned earlier to more obscure games like Charlie the Duck, Erachacha and Great Giana Sisters, you will be instantly at home with Rallo Gump. The platforming action is solid enough, with decently designed levels which provide a certain amount of fun. However, the game is undeniably ugly and lacking in charm which does make it a hard game to recommend and you won't be missing much if you pass it by.

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