RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Graftgold Fantasy Strategic scope

Boy, was the 90s a strange time for strategy!

To pinpoint what this game is like, imagine a combination of early strategy games (RTS style) combined with a hearty side dressing of RPG. But, take that (now classic) combination of different styles of play and surround them it in a soup of steam punk elements. But don't just let it simmer in peace, nope, give it a fantasy spin, accent the tactical play element and make it all boil down in a 2D perspective, isometric and very well suited for the action. Alright, maybe I went a bit too far with the cooking allegory, but you get me, this game does the 90s tricks, not only does it combine two separate gameplay styles, but it also combines two distinct setting and storytelling tropes. And that way, in the end you get something with that strange 90s novelty feel, okay controls and a feeling that being cool in the 90s was really really hard, hehe! Anyway, enough judgment, after all this game was amongst the ice breakers in genre menrging. Sort of like Spellforce, but much more 90-ish, like a combination of Ice T and MC Hammer all into one, if you get my drift, yo, hehe!

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