Paladin Quest Disk: The Scrolls of Talmouth

RPG 1988 Dos Omnitrend Software Top down Fantasy Strategic scope

Solid add-on to a good game

Anyone who has played and enjoyed the classic fantasy RPG Paladin will definitely need to check out The Scrolls of Talmouth, adding as it does plenty of missions to this old-school adventure. The original is a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game where players lead armies in a series of quests to defeat the hordes which are rampaging through the land and if you enjoy the likes of Wizardry or other fantasy-style games, it's an entertaining romp. Paladin 2 continued in the same vein and is equally interesting, with simple enough visuals but surprisingly deep gameplay and plenty of opportunities for strategy. The Scrolls of Talmouth is an add-on for the first game and sees players taking part in a narrative-based series of missions. This story finds the evil wizard Talmouth making use of the titular scrolls to lead the armies of darkness on another attempt to bring down the forces of good. It's all familiar stuff which has been seen a million times before, but it remains entertaining enough if you like wizards and warriors and provides a solid backdrop for the main game. This itself will be familiar to anyone who has played the original with little in the way of difference to the main game so don't come in expecting a lot of changes. This isn't a bad thing though, as the core gameplay remains as solid as ever, with plenty of units, some interesting missions and a fair level of challenge, even for veterans of the first game. It's not exactly spectacular stuff, but if you enjoyed Paladin, this is good stuff.

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