War In Middle Earth

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Synergistic Software Fantasy Strategic scope

Go on an adventure with Frodo and his friends!

War in Middle Earth is a game that gives a nice try in recreating the story from the Lord of the Rings on the game world, and I think that TLOTR lovers like myself will definitely be interested in this little feat. It is both a strategy game that includes full scale battles with orcs (led by Gandalf the White, who can single-handed take on a 100 of them, of course), and an RPG game that leads Frodo, Pippin and Sam on an adventure from the Shire to the lands of Mordor. There is a map that lets you see what happens on all fronts, much like in every strategy game. You can interact with familiar characters like Tom Bombadil or the wizard Radagast, which will surely give you a sense of joy. Fans of the books will be delighted to step into the shoes of their favorite characters (Galadriel and the other hot shots are not included, though - sorry!) and to battle with the evil orcs just like in the books. Yet, the game has its flaws - the game is more concentrated on recreating the books than thinking about the real strategy concept, which should be the main thing of the game. My opinion is that the game is more of a fan treat with the LOTR characters and that the rest of the game just came as an afterthought. Still, I think that this game shouldn't be missed out by any true Lord of the Rings fan.

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