Pro Pilkki

Sport 1999 Dos Procyon Productions Fishing

2D Arcade ice fishing game

Pro Pilkki was developed in 99, a period when 3D games were beginning to come into prominence. However, many development studios still produced lower budget games in 2D, and managed to create games that were still highly enjoyable and fun. Such is the case with this fishing arcade game. In Pro Pilkki you are tasked with the capture of fish in a very specific environment: ice fishing! Yes, the game is very specific about its environment. You will thus be tasked with picking and drilling holes and then making sure you capture as many fish as possible. In terms of graphics, the game is very simple. The fish are represented by differently colored circles. But, to make the game more challenging, the fishing simulation itself is quite interesting and makes use of a lot of interesting parameters. Just to give an example, the way your bait is caught in your hook, which can be done in many different ways can influence how successful you are in catching a fish. Also, the capturing and bringing the fish to you needs to be done carefully, so as to not break your line. So, while not as exquisitely designed as Trophy Bass, for instance, Pro Pilkki has its own unique place in the pantheon of fishing games, and fishing enthusiast will most likely enjoy it.

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