Restricted Area

Action 2004 Windows La Plata Studios Rpg

Dark futures indeed

Taking its cues from games such as Diablo and Fallout, Restricted Area is a pretty decent little action RPG which manages to copy its inspirations fairly well, but which is just a little too grindy for its own good. The game takes place in the year 2083 in a world which is familiar from sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, where corporations rule, a persistent fog hangs over everything, and rogue assassins, mutants, and robots roam the streets. A war has broken out between the seven biggest corporations and after choosing one of four different characters, each with their own backstories and motivations for becoming involved in the conflict, you will find your own way through these dark times. What follows is an action-heavy RPG, with the four available characters being a hacker, a mercenary, a yakuza warrior, and a psychic, but which also features some dialogue-driven sections, where your choices will affect how the story progresses. This being an RPG, there are plenty of customization options, and you'll gain access to new gear and skills as you progress through the various missions. For a Diablo-style game, this is certainly not bad stuff. The story aspect is surprisingly well done, being quite compelling and enjoyable. The gameplay is integrated into the narrative with equal skill, and the combat comes at you hard and fast, making for a reasonably intense time. However, the general lack of variety and depth soon becomes apparent, so this is perhaps best left for diehard genre fans.

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