Disney's Chicken Little

Action 2005 Windows Buena Vista Cartoon Adventure

3D action platformer, cute as a cucumber!

Well, this game is also a game of the movei type deal, but in all seriousness it is a highly intense, well done game. It is as diverse and as detailed as most 3D platforming classics, with lots of minigames thrown at it, flying stages, shoot em up vertical shooter type stages, run and gun stages, classic platformer stages and much more. The game's world is highly detailed, colorful and the protagonist could melt the heart of an iceberg, cute fluffy and with one liners to die for! Story wise the game ties in to the story of the movie, story which I'm not sure if I recollect too closely. Anyway, the thing is your Chicken Little has to reach back to his family, a thing that will put his feathery self (fluffy self, to be more precise) in all sorts of trouble. But, as he's a master of all things cyber, science and action, he'll pull through! Anyway, if you tend to stay away from (I'm looking at you, 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue!) try to exclude Disney's Chicken Little from that pile, this one is an overlooked gem in my opinion, a great platformer, a great adventure game and an all family friendly experience that sure knows how to make itself liked!

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