Blade Runner

Adventure 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Science Fiction Action based

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

The original Blade Runner movie was a bit of a flop on its initial release but by the time this game was released, it had experienced something of a resurgence to become widely acknowledged as a superb cyberpunk thriller. The game is an interactive adventure that shares the movie's grim, dark future setting and has a very similar storyline, albeit without Harrison Ford's Deckard, and has been turned into a great experience that plays out a little like the Tex Murphy games such as Under A Killing Moon. In the near future, artificially created humans and animals have become the norm, with these Replicants being used for all sorts of tough, menial labor and for entertainment, and while they're normally pretty well behaved, occasionally, they go wrong. Ray McCoy is a Blade Runner, a cop whose job it is to track Replicants down when they go haywire and then 'retire' them, and that's where the player comes in. You'll take the role of the detective and question suspects and gather evidence to help you locate the Replicants, and which will take you through some of the seedier parts of town. Blade Runner is very different from adventures like Myst, with a distinct lack of traditional puzzles and a greater focus on actually doing cop work. For the most part, the game is very successful, certainly in terms of visuals and atmosphere, which are absolutely stunning. Exploration is enthralling, thanks to the superb design work and you really do feel like a future cop, while the story is just as gripping. There's plenty of replay value, thanks to the multiple endings, and if you consider yourself a serious adventure fan, you need this.

A fantastic game based on a great movie

Let's start by the end saying that the game has thirteen possible endings, depending on which choice do you make during the gameplay. You play Blade Runner and you have to hunt down bioengineered beings that are threatening the community. The actors from the movie come back to star in this game, so you will feel like watching a sequel to the original movie. The gameplay is in the point and click style and the controls are very easy, so the you can play the game with ease. The game is more oriented on investigation than on puzzle solving, so this is not the game for puzzle fans. If you are a fan of the Blade Runner movie and enjoy yourself a great action game (like Gateway, another great sci-fi game) look no further - this game will blow your mind.

Based on the 1980 movie

This is an incredible game that submerses you into the storyline like no other. Blad Runner is based on the 1980 movie and has a lot of the characters from it but follows an original storyline. The controls are intuitive and are very easy to learn. The sory has several endings depending on the decisions that you make. You will not be disappointed with this download.

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