Resurrection: Rise 2

Arcade 1996 Windows Acclaim Beat em up

Arcade fighting with a diverse techno war theme

It is an arcade action game involving one to one action and a techno-war theme. The theme has been presented in quite a unique and innovative manner and brings forth the idea of futuristic one to one fighting. It involves robots, cyborgs, droid style characters and many other futuristic combat characters. 18 of the characters in the game are playable apart from the 8 robot characters which are in addition. All the characters have been shaped distinctly and they gel perfectly to the theme of the game. Their facial features, their limbs and their movements are distinct from each other. All of them have their different sets of combat skills along with different tools and weapons which make the combat quite interesting. Laser guns, rockets, electricity shooters and other standards weapons have been incorporated with the characters and they can also perform some special moves such as sword swipes, using fireballs and jet kicks. So it's a great package of action by all means. The graphics to support the action are wonderful and this is something which was lacking in the original game Rise of the Robots. The controls are also somewhat good and the UI is supportive. So it's a good game to have.

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