Rise of the Robots

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Midway Beat em up Robots

An eye candy with horrible gameplay

What is appealing about this game is it's nice looks, the 3D characters, and nice scenery, nice design with a lot of depth of texture combined with 2D gameplay, all which was revolutionary in 1994. What makes you turn away from the game and forget all about it is the bad animation and repetitive moves followed by very bad and even irritating sound effects. It's a shame though. The premise of robots fighting is certainly very appealing to all gamers and it would be a treat to see a cyborg playing against a Terminator like robot, but while it all seems great on paper, it fails miserably in performance. The whole game can be won with the constant pushing of one button and the characters look really clumzy and unconvincing. The graphics really are stunning, but that is really not a good enough reason to go and try this game. I suggest you sit this one out and play Mortal Kombat or Virtua Fighter, you'll have a much better time.

Street Fighter killer?

In short this game goes down as history's most shallow games which led to it becoming one of the most spectacular failures in video game history ever. It was released on 13 different platforms after months of hype, awesome screenshots and claims that it was a Street Fighter killer. In the end you could beat the game by repeating the same flying kick move. Not that there were any other moves worth mentioning!

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