Time Slaughter

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Bloodlust Software Beat em up

Street Fighter like practical joke!

Time slaughter shows us what happens when a few guys (and not to discriminate, girls too, maybe, though generally, girls do seem to find better ways to spend their time!) want to recreate a classic arcade fighter. The result is a pure laugh out joke, but unfortunately it is barely playable. I always find it in me to fall in love with fan recreations of famous games, even if they re intently poised to make a joke of the original, but they do have to strike up a balance between pure debauchery and playability. Unfortunately, Time Slaughter is unplayable, there are huge synchronization and control problems, which don't allow you to sink in to the game, the combos do not really work and so the game, from a purely mechanical stand point, is a pure mess. Therefore, the crude jock mentality that this game breaths, the slap in your face game recreation, sounds and graphics alike, while funny, falls out flat as a game. And, honestly, it's a bit of a pity, as the drunken born idea to make a Street Fighter clone game during an alcoholic coma would have been an instant classic, if only it had been technically functional

Not one of those games to remember

Time Slaughter is one of the worst titles in the fighting computer game genre. Released in 1996 by Bloodlust Software, this game is an insulting attempt to earn a spot in the genre. The story of the game is the only interesting part, however the voice acting is so horrendous you would most likely read about it on a website. It's about the doctor who has almost completed a machine that would allow time travel. But after having a visit from four demons, the doctors loses both of his arms and one of his eyes, but manages to send the demons where they belong. However, this causes a rip in the timestream and this is the point where the different fighters come from. The character roster, while select, is not really impressive. The controls of this game are horrible and the fighting is so slow, you would think that there is something wrong with your emulator or computer. Each character has a violent finishing move, but they are not impressive as the fatalities in Mortal Kombat. The graphics are ugly and don't even get me started with the sound. Overall, Time Slaughter is nothing more than garbage!

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