Ricochet Lost Worlds

Arcade 2004 Windows MumboJumbo Vertical shooter Flight shooter Casual Minigame

Lots of stages with full of entertainment

I bought Ricochet Lost Worlds few months ago. Love this game. Ricochet Lost Worlds is an old arcade type game. It has a great graphics and excellent background sound. This exciting game will keep you awake night after night if you love old arcade type games. You have to find the rings hidden in the bricks. You will have more than 160 levels and plenty of bonus and power gain. The power ups in every level. Like the Ricochet you will like this game. Although it is an old arcade type game, the graphics is much more improved than other arcade games. The sound quality is also excellent. The large number of levels won't make you bored as you have to discover newer and newer goals and will get bonus points. With the help of level editor you can create a lot of levels. So it is very exciting. Blast the bricks and find the ring. You and your kids both will love this game. I play it whole day long and my kids are also playing it. Buy this game now and start playing. Trust me you will be entertained.

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