Rayging Blue

Arcade 2001 Windows Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Very busy anime styled vertical shooter

Here's a great example of a vertical shooter that follows the good ole tradition of the fast, well polished, always as diverse as it can and always on the brink of a bullet hell, vertical shooter. The great thing about it is that the art style as well as the execution are top notch. The backgrounds, I'd presume are not going to appear as original as they did to me, but you might have more of an experience with these Japanese games. At any rate, all things considered, it's highly entertaining, great looking, the commands work flawlessly and the difficulty level is always challenging but never criminal. Because, and this is the beauty of the game, as well as the entire style of production – no matter what, you are given a way out of it, a corridor, a pattern of shooting. And this is something that many other of these games did not get. But this one does, and that is why it is so perfectly adapted to being played. So, for sure, play it, give it a try. It's as good as Tyrian 2000, but with lots more Japanese on it!

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