Tyrian 2000

Arcade 1999 Dos Dosbox Eclipse Software Vertical shooter Flight shooter Shooter Action Sci fi

Vertical shooting perfection!

Tyrian 2000 is a modern game, of a style and genre that almost was considered a relic, a retro arcade relic of the late 80s: vertical shooting! But, nonetheless, the game is truly well put together, well organized and always exciting; it's got all the elements that would make you want to play it, and all the elements that are useful to a game such as this one: the top down shooting, with loads of weapons and weapon upgrades to collect, the waves and enemies, the bullet hells that only offer you a small window of opportunity to escape them and the game that just keeps on bringing new environments, graphically distinct and gameplay wise interesting. Plus well designed boss ships, creatures and everything else that the genre has been known for. Thus, Tyrian 2000 and G-Darius are two of the later releases on the genre that are worth playing, always well done and always produced to exception, that just immerse you and keep you hooked for hours. So don't let it slide away, download it and play it, it's freely available on GOG, which is definitely a treat not worth refusing!

How long can YOU survive?

Tyrian is a classic that must be on par with some of the best top down vertical shooters out there. With its amazing graphics and animation and cool music and intense action packed gameplay, it would be silly not to say so. The game made it debut in 1995 and caused such a huge positive response that it was re-released again in 1999, this time under the name Tyrian 2000. This new and improved version now includes several new ships and an additional fifth episode while the bugs in the games were finally fixed, giving us a game that is clean as a whistle regarding bugs and crashed and more fun and intense than it has ever been. The gameplay is pretty typical - the year is 20,000 and something and you are flying a cool space ships on various planets and fend off all kinds of enemy ships that are constantly attacking you and disabling you in further research of the location. As the game progresses, the enemies get tougher. Even though it sounds typical and brings nothing especially new to the genre, the awesome level design, the almost ridiculous amount of action and easy to understand gameplay truly make the game shine. So, if you are a fan of the genre, Tyrian 2000 is a must.

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