Rally Raid

Arcade 2001 Windows Twinkle Soft Vertical shooter Flight shooter Oriental

A vertical shooter with a mad rally pilot!

The Japanese always put a weird spin on otherwise classic gameplay builds. For instance, in Rally Raid, at first, you think you're playing a good forward scrolling racing game, until you find out that destruction and trying to take out all the things that come at you is what this game's mind is all at. It's, thus, a rather difficult game, but not impossible. The problem, if you have to find one, is that Rally Raid is a bit of a hard game to predict. The enemies don't always offer you a corridor to hide from the heel of bullets that they unleash. But, at any rate, with lots of power ups, and with unlimited retries (that take you to the beginning of the level, though...) you can still master it, without any issues. So, all in all, Rally Raid is a cool forwards scrolling game, with beautiful graphics, that only the Japanese could have drawn! A good alternative is Idinaloq, another Japan spewed freeware shooter, and quite a competent one, all things considered. Still, for rally and top down shooters, Rally Raid is quite of a unique blend, so have it in your collection as well.

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