Rocket Mania! Deluxe

Puzzle 2003 Windows PopCap Games Building Strategic scope Casual

Rocket man!

If you enjoy simple but hugely addictive puzzle games like Tetris and Pipe Dreams, then Rocket Mania is an absolute must have for your collection. It's got a wonderfully elegant concept but then adds in a few clever mechanics to create a near perfect puzzler that is guaranteed to gobble up your lunch breaks. The idea here is to get the flame from a fuse to the rocket on the other side of the screen and which requires you to rotate blocks in order to connect them, thus allowing the fuse to travel along the entire length. It's very similar to the aforementioned Pipe Dreams in many ways but has enough of its own ideas to make it stand out. You've got three modes of gameplay to try out, including Classic where you need to launch a certain number of rockets in a given time period, Arcade which is faster paced, and Strategy which is more thoughtful, offering a bit more in the way of deep tactics. Whichever mode you play, the whole idea is basically to rack up as many points as possible and which is achieved by creating combos and grabbing bonus tiles with coins and so on. Rocket Mania really is a lot of fun in a small package. It gets a lot of points by offering different styles of gameplay as variations on a theme, so if you want to play hard and fast, there's a mode for you but if you want to go slower, you're also in luck. The game is very simple to pick up but hard to master, like all great puzzlers, but it's also got that elusive one-more-go factor in spades so if you have any interest in the genre, you should grab this now.

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