The Incredible Machine - Even More Contraptions

Puzzle 2001 Windows Sierra On-Line Building Math or logic Strategic scope

An incredible puzzle game

The Incredible Machine series was an absolute smash hit on the PC. This is a continuation from the game "Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions" and is like a further expansion pack of the popular game. Normally I personally rarely get into any sort of puzzle games, because to put it simply, they really annoy me, bore me and waste my time. This game is a lot different however, it was given to me by a friend about 10 years ago, and the game is still as good as it ever was. This new installment in the series, provides two-hundred and fifty new puzzles, internet puzzle swapping, new graphics and other features. The puzzles are now in 3D and offer various levels of difficulty. This is great considering it's predecessor “The Incredible Machine” would only allow you on to the next puzzle if you completed the last, which would eventually leave you stuck on the most frustrating puzzle you cannot solve. If you have not played any of the Incredible Machine series, I highly recommend giving it a go for all ages. The puzzles, really make you think. You have to be the catalyst for the machine working by carefully putting every day objects in the right places. For example you must use a candle to burn a piece of string to release a balloon , to startle a mouse that runs in a wheel and so on so forth until you complete the required objective of the level. It is great fun, so give it a try, it is still one of my all time favorite puzzle games.

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