Puzzle 1987 Dos Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant Challenges

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the King of games

This is the real stuff. This is the original. This is the game that has been copied and modified in a thousand different games for decades of end ( Tetris gold is just one example). This is one of the most famous games in the whole world, side by side with Pacman and Super Mario. This is the king and god of puzzle games. The one and only - the original 1987 Tetris game. You have falling blocks in various shapes and you have to form a line which then dissapears, making more room for more falling blocks. Such a simple game but so captivating. I don't know how many hours, days, even weeks I spent playing this game. I went to bed seeing blocks when I closed my eyes. It is hugely addictive. As the game progresses, the game gets harder, the blocks fall much faster and you have to move the pieces as fast as you can because, if the pile of blocks reach the top, it's game over! The original game is very colorful, with different colors depending on the block shape, to ease your game. Unfortunately there is no music or sounds but when you make a line with your block. But no matter what modifications the later game had, what other cool options and layouts and what not, nothing will never ever be as good as the original.

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