Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

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Romance this!

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an epic strategy franchise that has proved enduringly popular over the years, mainly thanks to its mix of depth and complexity which gives it everything fans of Civilization and similar games desire. However, detractors often point out that the series hasn't developed much in terms of gameplay and if you've played one, you've pretty much played them all. All that really changes is the visuals, with even the story being basically the same in this fourth installment. Having said that though, if you did enjoy earlier ones, you'll like this too. As previously, you get to choose from one of a multitude of historical Chinese political leaders, each with their own particular traits, and must then guide them and their people to power by a mix of military and political means. There's a wide range of decisions to be made each turn, including maintaining relations with other leaders, resource management and the movement of troops. Combat here is satisfying and challenging, with a good variety of tactics and weapons to make use of and which helps to cement the game's appeal. If you're into historical strategy games, this is about as good as it gets. There's a real sense of the epic on display here and the almost endless variety of options keeps the game feeling fresh and helps boost its replay value. Combat is exciting and possesses a similar degree of depth, requiring plenty of tactical thought in order to succeed, while this installment also features some of the series' best graphics and sound, with some lovely music and detailed visuals. All in all, a top notch bit of strategy.

Warlord, in the ancient China

Warlord game starts in the 8th century China where there were different warlords who were using all their resources and power to take over the imperial throne and to bring the nation together. The game is basically a strategy and a turn based war game where there are some very good adventure elements which show in unison with the strategy that it features. Apart from the historical background of the game, it also gives out some fictional elements which I found quite interesting because they make the gameplay very interesting and different from many strategy war games. You will play one of the warlords and will have to conquer the empire with the resources available in the form of weapons, troops and diplomacy. The graphics in the game are quite appealing and this is mainly due to the fact that they have added a lot of details in terms of the historical scenarios which show well in the gameplay. Your decision will decide how effectively you can manage and built your empire to gain success and to win different regimes. The whole series has been a successful one and my favorite along with this one is RottK 3. All strategy lovers won't regret.

Role playing in middle age

RotTK 4 is set between the end of the 3rd century and first half of the 4th century AD during the Three Kingdoms period - not the 8th century. It is a great game and based on the historical novel "Romance of the three kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong which is said to be 7/10 historical 3/10 fictional. He is said to have composed the text in the 1400s.

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