Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6: Awakening of the Dragon

Strategy 1996 Windows KOEI Historical Empire management

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Complex war game with RPG elements

The 6th game in the series takes on the lessons learned by its older brethren and also seems to have a deeper sense of personal involvement than the ones before. That is, it puts you in charge of the Eastern kingdoms and it allows you to shape the future and the way in which you will shape the faith of the Eastern Empires, in this game, is very personal indeed. That is so because the game's RPG portion is a lot more developed, bringing you a step closer to caring for the faith of your empire through the choices its generals have to make. But, at any rate, the meat of the game is still the battle, the wargame. And, here, the game is just as good as its older siblings, if not even better, due to the fact that it is more polished and seemingly more carefully built. At any rate, as you would expect, you can't just barge in on a game like this. First and foremost you will require a bit of training and then realizing that you have to be very careful about the way you manage your forces. You are always pulled in more directions and sometimes have to give up on certain goals to reach others. Thus, a part of the game is making sure you manage to know how much to sacrifice if sacrifice is what you need to do.

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