Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Historical Empire management

A dystopian Amiga game

This game is a Action-Adventure single-player strategy game, developed by Silmarils in 1993 for Amiga systems, year when other great games such as Gunstar Heroes, Mega Man X and many more, appeared. The story consists of a post-apocalyptic science-fiction Terra, centuries after the 21'st century when mankind was ravaged by the greenhouse effect. In this world, covered in a thick opaque cloud layer, many packs of wolfs roam across Eurasia, the mammoth reemerged from elephant and mankind barely continues it's subsistence in a few handful of settlements scattered across the continent and connected by a network of massive armored trains, controlled by the Viking Union. The gameplay consists of two modes, exploration and combat. In the exploration mode the player travels with the train across Eurasia, gathering coal, currency and fuel, trades, enhances the train capabilities and searches for clues to complete the quest. In combat mode the Eurasia becomes a war zone for trains, each train confrontation based on real-time combat with trains facing horizontally and firing one at each other with cannons, machine guns and mammoth cavalry. The battles end when the enemy is disarmed, moment which the intact wagons are looted. The game ends when Trasarctica loses a vital wagon. If your a classic fan this is a great game for you and you might want to try it out.

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