Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Platformer

Hack and slasher set in Hell! Ooooh!

In Satan you will be an explorer of the dark and fire bound pits of Hell, and, as you'd imagine, this is a game that will go on to inspire Diablo, the series that put hack and slash back on the menu for millions of players across the globe. Thus, this 89 release, as you'd imagine is an 8bit top down scrolling thingy, with some classic RPG portions, but it's main goal is that of enticing you to explore, to destroy enemies and try to loot everything of value. And, as that recipe goes, Satan does a great job of it. The main quest revolves around you trying to locate some magic scrolls. After you will have located them, you have to locate the main baddie of the game and do your best to put him out of his misery. And so, with a rather medium pace, with good graphics, and with very interesting production value, this game knows how to take you on a ride and how to build itself so as to excite you. Thus, give it a go, you sword fighter, magic wielder or whatever else. There is a lot to be gained and you stand to gain it, but you have to be there. Seriously fun, and well balanced, especially for a game that came before the mighty Diablo, when hack and slash was not yet nailed down as a formula.

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