Action 1990 Dos BJB Productions Platformer

Playable but rudimentary platformer

GoJoe is a simple platformer in which you control a blonde kid named Joe through a series of one screen mazes. You are tasked with collecting all sort of objects, rings, candles cookies, etc and you have to collect them all. Once you have collected them, a door appears somewhere in each level and you have to make your way to it. You will then be transported to a new level. To add more challenge to the game, you will also have to time your walking about based on the trajectory of enemies. You can't shoot them, but they will fall in the many pits that make up each maze, so you have to develop a strategy for your journey. You can jump, but you have to be real careful how you position the character before you take the leap, as the collision detection is very finicky and crude. The graphics are ok, in the sense that they are functional, but other than that there's not much to see. The game feels like a very crude concept prototype rather than a fully fledged game, so if you want to give all DOS platformers a go, this won't be among the worse. Quite frankly, you can even get a few minutes of entertainment out of it, but don't expect more.

What?? yes, cloned...

Ripping off a game can sometimes cause gamer that start hating the developers who is doing this sort of work. Other times, rip-offs can sometimes be enjoyable and the gamer doesn't really care about the act. But in my case, there are some rip-offs that brings only three letters: WTF. This is the case for GoJoe. First of all, the title is stupid. At first I thought this might be a GI JOE video game, which could have been better, but what we get is a different thing. I didn't get what the story was about and couldn't find it on the internet because the title is so stupid and uninspired. Once you start the game, the first level seem to be very familiar with the level design from the Super Mario Bros. arcade game. But, the object of the game is to collect all the object in the level. Navigating is like in Prince of Persia, however, the control feel broken and sometimes unresponsive. Later, enemies drop down from above to stop your mission, however, you cannot kill them like in Mario Bros. The only way to kill an enemy here is to wait for a random to appear that would make you glow and then start killing the enemies. But, everything in this game is a joke: the title, the layout, the overall gameplay. I've just shut of this game before even completing the first level. In conclusion, GoJoe is nothing more than a joke and doesn't fare well like other games. It's lame. it's stupid and I don't like it!

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