Action 1988 Dos Psygnosis Robots Platformer

Sci Fi-ish, oldschool, but fun platformer

The most divisive thing about this game is the way it controls. You have to get yourself used to the icon based controls and inputs, which work relatively like in a classic left to right exploration game, only not quite. How you will find this element, whether you'll find it original or just annoying it's entirely yours to decide. And so, with that in mind, Obliterator will feel as a bit of a hard to control, at first, sidescroller, but once you get used to it there are no more issues to deal with. Plus, the game really has some sprawling levels, that make great use of vertical space, and, the styling of the graphics goes beyond just simple brickwork, it's actually got a style to itself, which is kind of hard to find in games this old. So, if you love the idea of an alien infested, what at the time must have been a horror/survival game, then you might love this one. It's got a very Commodore ish vibe to it, so if you played any other platformers on that platform you will know what to expect. If not, well, Obliterator will prove a fun sidescroller platformer, as if someone took a game form the NES and pimped it DOS style! Or, you know, like an alright Impossible Mission game with xenomorphic aliens!

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