Capitan Trueno

Action 1989 Dos Dinamic Multimedia Cartoon Platformer

Adventure plus a healthy dose of arcade action

If you loved the Knight Lore type titles that were popular on the ZX Spectrum or other isometric adventures of that kind that made their way onto the DOS platform or onto some other console or home PC that you might have had back in the day, then you will be happy to find that Capitan Trueno is just that oldschool kind of game, only that, instead of being a one trick pony, gameplay wise, this one ups the ante quite a bit, by introducing a mighty well done arcade inclined portion towards the end of the adventure heavy first portion that this game has. At any rate, you will not be lost from the getgo, the game here offers you action and adventure from a third person perspective as Cadaver did, but the look of the game is not as developed as that one. But that is not to say that it looks bad, nope, it's just that it looks like from the first age of the DOS games with sufficient additional elements to make itself very satisfying to play. So, go ahead, give it a try, it will not disappoint. Plus, the later portion seriously picks up the pace, which is a great bonus in this one.

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