Scotland Yard

Puzzle 1998 Windows Cryo Interactive Board games Strategic scope

Nice recreation of a police themed boardgame

Scotland Yard is a map based kind of strategy, where you follow the nodes on a classic map, and then you have to find suspect and hopefully capture your criminal. The suspect, called Mr. X. will escape if you don't manage to transform your luck into good moves. The interaction is well endowed for PC use, and I'm pretty happy that the micromanagement of the things you need to remember don't go crazy on you; the game offers you a lot of info in well managed ways, so that at no place you'll feel like you are encumbered by having to remember too much info. Graphically, the map looks very nice, and is easy on the eyes. It's got just the right amount of detail that, if you will find the game nice, you can play and replay it as often as you want. So, whether you'll choose to play as the fugitive or the detective, the gameplay will clearly be different, but genuinely cool enough to keep you playing for as long as possible. Give it a try if a game like Master Detective has proven enticing for you.

A great adaptation of the board game

Scotland Yard is a videogame adaptation of the board game with the same name published by Ravensburge. They computerized version was developed by Cryo Interactive, creators of From Dusk till Dawn, and plays on the rules of the board game. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, here's a quick overview. The object of the game is travel around London via taxi, buss or London Undeground and trying to catch the player who controls the villain known as Mr. X. While it sounds easy, it takes a lot of teamwork in order to be able to catch the villain. The game can be played with up to 5 friends: 5 people will be playing as the detectives and the last one as the villain. It's a fun game of cops and robbers and if you can't get your hands on the board game, don't worry because you can download this game and will still be able to play it with friends. Overall, Scotland Yard is a great adaptation of the board game and is a great experience to be had.

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