Puzzle 1997 Windows BMG Interactive Board games Strategic scope

Good old classic

It is an arcade style board game where you have a wide variety of puzzles and game on a single board. The game consists of a set of 25 different mini games that are quite varied and distinct in the gameplay. The good thing about this puzzle based board game is that the designers have been very good with the A1 and every game has a different level of toughness which makes every game unique and challenging. 25 games among these games have been placed on the board randomly. The player that will win 5 games on the trout will win the game. It can be played by up to 8 players at a time and these eight players can either play against each other or can make teams for this purpose. It gives you both the option of multi-player from home or through using the internet. Not all the games involve brainstorming because some of them are arcade games. Coming towards the graphics, they are simple but have a good color scheme and the user interface to the support the gameplay is also very good. The game is both interesting and fun. For more puzzle orientated fun, try Scotland Yard.

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