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A tile based turn based game; immersive and fun

Flux is a turn based tile based game, pretty interesting, with an idea that is well original. You and the computer take turns to move or skip moving a tile on the board. The idea is that you have to capture as many tiles as possible and also, make sure that you still keep away from the tiles of the adversary, so as to not make them available for capture. It is, if you will, a game about war, but or about economic growth; at any rate, it is sufficiently abstract that you can look at it whatever way you desire. In the end, the one that manages to populate the board with as many of his tiles wins. In terms of graphics the game is a 2D top down one with fairly interesting looking tiles, and also, with a nice graphical theme, that will remind you of gem shuffling games. It is, however, in spite of its simplicity, very addictive, and also, very nice to play for short periods of time, the perfect time-waster, or 5 minute break game. Download it along with Space Monopoly, another top down tile based game, one that is pretty similar to this one, though it has a more prominent dice based build.

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