Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales

Action 2006 Windows Akella Role playing Rpg Historical

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The original Sea Dogs was a cracking piece of pirate action that played out like a 3D version of Sid Meier's classic Pirates! However, this sequel proves to be an almost complete waste of time and is really not worth adding to your collection unless you absolutely need every pirate game in existence. It's basically a bug-riddled mess that also suffers from some questionable design choices so be warned. In theory, things sound pretty decent. You take on the role of a pirate captain who must build up his crew of scurvy sea dogs and then set sail, plundering, looting, engaging in naval and land-based combat and all the other sorts of thing pirates are known for. There are RPG elements in the way you can accrue ships to make squadrons and then customize them while you'll also need management skills as you take over colonies and expand them, trading for the parts you need. You've got a choice of characters to play as too, a striking red-headed daredevil known as Beatrice and reckless fortune-hunter Blaze while there's even a multiplayer mode, although you're unlikely to still find anyone playing. So, in theory, all sounds promising. However, in practice, it's just all wrong. There are numerous bugs, many of them game-breaking, which isn't exactly encouraging and which makes things very frustrating. The design is also very uneven, with some elements being fairly well implemented but then there are others which just make you ask, "Why?". The visuals aren't bad but that's not enough to save this from being a real dog.

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