Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Action 2003 Windows Akella Oriental Platformer Adventure Fantasy Action adventure

Forever may not be long enough

The original Prince of Persia is a landmark platform adventure that introduced gamers to an entirely new and cinematic way of playing, and which set the bar for things to come. The Sands of Time is a continuation of the series after a couple of other sequels, but stands as a sort of reboot for the franchise, and resets the storyline to tell its own tale of high Arabian adventure. Fortunately, it does a great job of keeping to the core appeal of the original but also adds in plenty of new ideas and it remains a first class romp. The delightful plot finds the Prince sneaking into a besieged castle to steal a legendary dagger with the power to manipulate time, but gets caught up in an evil vizier's plot which ends up with everyone getting turned into sand zombies. The Prince must now battle against these zombies and attempt to put things right before it's too late. What follows is a superb 3D adventure which built upon the foundations of things like Tomb Raider and its own predecessors, and which combines fast-paced platforming, combat and puzzles with truly exciting wall running and a great storyline. The Sands of Time is definitely a game which holds up well today and which still offers a lot of fun. The visuals have aged well, not suffering from the same problems as games from the earlier days of 3D, while the various gameplay elements are implemented so well that the game feels very fresh and varied, with elements like the time traveling adding much to its appeal. Throw in an enjoyable and well told story and you have a near classic.

Perfect for gamers with great tastes

PoP: the Sands of Time, developed by Ubisoft, was released in 2003 and it's one of the most appreciated 3D action-adventure games. Ubisoft is a respected company who delivers innovation and creativity with every game that comes out. This brand was created by five brothers, with multiple great ideas and a wide perspective about technology for fun and educational purposes. We all remember about the old Prince of Persia games, that enchanted us with their stories. This game brings back the Prince, with a lot new adventures ahead of him, based on mysteries around every corner. It received a lot of positive reviews by all computer games lovers, succeeded in impressing us with the agility and acrobatic skills of the main character, with the challenging and attractive puzzles we have to solve. There is no way you will get bored by playing this masterpiece. The control is easy, convenient, the graphics are amazing, very realistic and every minute spent on this game is worth it. The 3D platform offers you a new perspective, an innovative vision about the world presented, an excellent place where to loose in.

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