Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Action 2004 Windows Akella Oriental Platformer 3D action adventure Action game genre Adventure Tpp Fantasy Action adventure

Change your fate

It's been a long time since I have played the very first Prince Of Persia game and I must say that the series has gotten better and better(expect for one particular game that is the worst of all). But what the trilogy that made Prince Of Persia one of the most famous video game series of all time? Well, I consider that the trilogy has the best games in the series, the best being Warrior Within. This was the very first game I have played from the series and eventually complete. I loved the game so much, that I've played both the sequel and prequel to know more about the story. In Warrior Within, the prince is chased by The Dahaka, a creature that keeps fate in balance, and is travelling to the Empress of Time's fortress in order to change his fate. That's the synopsys, but the story in whole is great, especially that you can have two completely different endings. This is determined by finding all the hidden item to receive a special sword in order to fight the Dahaka. The gamaplay is what made me love this game. Sick combos, which you can learn as you progress, a parkour-like exploration and puzzles that are not hard to solve. There's a lot of backtracking in the game, but it's not so bad. Even the sands of time make a return, meaning that you can rewind back for some seconds or slow down time. This really is helpful, because it can save your life. Come to think of it, many of the elements from Sands of Time have been brought back in Warrior Within, however I feel that the combat is way better and more fun. The graphic are beautiful, the attention to detail is great, the voice actor do a great job but the music is kind of disappointing. You'll be hearing only two songs from Godsmack: I stand alone and Straight out of line. These only play during combat or when being chased by The Dahaka. All in all, Warrior Within is a great game, if not one of the best action games out there, ranking somewhere with Devil May Cry or God of War.

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