Secret Wives' Club

Adult 2003 Windows G-Collections Hentai Bishoujo Role playing Visual novel

Hello ladies

Joining the ranks of dodgy Japanese perv fests like Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Virgin Roster comes this equally ropy effort. The appeal here is strictly limited to rock dwellers who have yet to experience the joys of real life but at least it's less blatantly repellent than Sensei 2, although this isn't really a recommendation. Like the aforementioned games, this is an adults-only experience that features a lot of graphic content in the form of a sort of interactive novel. The story here is pretty bonkers and finds a young man taking a trip to Bali before he settles into a new job. While there, he hooks up with a woman but on his return home, he finds that his new student is the woman's son. The woman makes a deal with the man to share him with her friends as they seek to find pleasure outside of their boring marriages. What follows is an interactive novel, although the story here is slimmer than in similar games. Instead, this one focuses on choosing which woman you're going to have your next encounter with and what exactly you want to learn about the ways of life. Secret Wives Club really is only for those with very specialist interests. If you're into the genre, you might enjoy it but even by the standards of other games, this one isn't great. The story is very light and although there are multiple endings, you're not likely to be that bothered about seeing them all. The visuals are fairly typical for this sort of thing, with the usual wildly proportioned fantasy woman, and overall this is pretty easily skipped.

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