Jewel Knights Crusaders

Adult 2004 Windows G-Collections Hentai Bishoujo Visual novel

Looking for fight, you got sex!

Finally a different plot in the world of hentai eroge games. You'll find our male character (you) in a street looking for something you would not expect in this kind of games: street fighting. Yes, quite a strange intro. However after a few minutes you'll be involved in a sexy meeting with some costumes girls. They're kind of superhero fighting against an evil character (a busty girl appearance!!). The latter will hit you so hard that you'll passed out, waking up in an hospital surrounded by those three costume girls. From there onward you'll be involved in casual encounter with the three girls, plus some other women, like the one that suppose to be a sort of girlfriend or the same evil character mentioned before. Nice work done from G-Collection, at least something different from the usual student based plot. The hentai cg are quite well done, on the style of Sagara Family game, though there is no animation, neither any real interaction like we were used in the old classic eroge True Love, or Runaway City.

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