The Sagara Family

Adult 2004 Windows G-Collections Hentai Bishoujo Visual novel

Graphic novel with a propensity for nakedness and dreamy scenes

The game is highly playable and atmospheric, especially if you love hentai, on one hand because the English translation seems decent enough, but also because most of the dialogues are interpreted in Japanese, with nice voice actors. This makes the experience more drawing, in spite of the graphic style which could have been a bit more interesting, with more detail. In terms of plot don't expect something innovative. The game has the same type of sexual fantasy pursuit, with an emphasis on dreaming and on encounters that prove to not have been real. Thus, if you want to explore the sexual dreams of a post pubescent damsel, this game will offer a good chance at it. As always, the maturely themed hentai games seem to address their own niche of players, and this game doesn't offer anything for the player that is not within the niche. But if you like hentai, sure this will prove a decent enough game of the genre. Thematically, as I mentioned the game seems a bit too eager to explore the dreams and imagination of sexually flourishing girls, so that too might be a drawing in point or a less interesting one.

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