Sensei 2

Adult 2003 Windows G-Collections Bishoujo Anime Visual novel Hentai

Another pervs only game

If titles like Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Virgin Roster get your blood pumping, then you might be tempted to check out this similarly themed piece of dodgy Japanese adult entertainment. However, even by the fairly low standards of much of the genre, this is pretty poor stuff and which is easily skipped. Like its brethren, it's an adults-only interactive novel which features some fairly graphic images which are likely to offend so even if you are curious, be wary. The story is a dark one, and finds two childhood friends, Shuichi and Kumiko, meeting up after several years apart at the deathbed of Shuichi's father. Kumiko convinces her friend to come and live in her town, but soon discovers that he hides a grim secret and that bring her to regret her invitation. What follows is an interactive novel, which plays out at a slow pace, with the player following the story and occasionally interacting by making a decision which impacts on the narrative. The real problem here is the game's strong and extremely distasteful theme, which revolves largely around hunting down women and forcing them into sexual encounters, which should leave a grim taste in the mouth of anyone with morals. Although the visuals, character and environmental design, and general sense of options are quite decent for this kind of thing, the overwhelming unpleasantness means it's hard to take for any reasonable person so if you consider yourself such a person, then you would be well advised to give this a wide berth.

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