Beach Head 2000

Action 2000 Windows MacSoft Shooter First Person Simulation Casual

Fun at the beginning but frustrating as you progress

Beach Head 2000 is an action game where you are invaded by a massive army that you have to take down with your turret! But unfortunately, that's all. What? This is it? Yes. Hmm, interesting. Your enemies consist of the presence of dozens and dozens of soldiers, helicopters, attack jets, tanks, and bombers. Your ammo is not unlimited, while shooting these bad guys, and you can obtain new ammunition sources dropped from the air, shooting the swinging crate before it reaches the ground. The graphics are realistic indeed, especially when the enemies approach your zone, this way you can perceive the details better. I personally, liked the beach setting, but maybe the producers may have worked harder at the variety department, adding new scenarios and new environments/locations. The only difference between missions is the point on the beach where the soldiers land and the distance and zone from which the helicopters and jets begin their attacks. I hated the repetitive aspect and the limited perspective, so this game is not for those used to very complex and really entertaining shooters. I had some fun in the first missions, but as you progress, you will find Beach Head 2000 kind of frustrating.

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