Shadow President

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox DC True Politics

Strategy with an emphasis on geopolitical maneuvers

Shadow President tries a very different brand of strategy, pitting you in a cyberpunk influenced alternative universe, where you will be playing as the president of the US. There are Cold War reminiscent story elements, cyberpunk elements as well as a lot of situations that were directly lifted from the history book of the late 20th century. Gameplay wise you will be tasked with the socio economic rebalancing or, if that's how you want to do it, unbalancing of the Earth's political, economic and war relationships, but for the most part, your goal will be that of avoiding a direct guns blazing conflict. Your second goal throughout the game, and an element which will hold a lot of value on the way you conduct your politics is the fact that you need to be reelected in order to continue to play, so your every move will also have an effect on your potential to be reelected. Therefore, the best strategies that are intended towards global good might not always be the same that allow you reelection, so, you'll always have global conflict on one hand and your next reelection to consider with every choice that you make. The game will most likely entice political simulator aficionados, so if you liked the Democracy series, this game may also be among your favorites.

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