Power Politics

Simulation 1992 Dos Cineplay Interactive Politics

Make your own president for US

This game folks is probably the best and the most comprehensive simulation game that is related to the world of politics. Here you can take the command of the presidential campaign of the United States. You have the option to devise different scenarios to your interest e.g. Ross Perot vs. John F. Kennedy. The first step is to select 3 candidates, Democrat, Independent and Republican and then you have to devise your campaign for different areas in different states. To make the campaign interesting and effective, you will select issues for advertisement and debates in different areas to cater the interest of people. There are many different statistics to guide you along the campaign and there is an option of spin doctor which can turn it around for you if your campaign is not going right. The graphics of the game are quite reasonable and the descriptions are also well written. Not only this game is interesting but also gives you a good idea about the dynamics that run behind a presidential campaign in US. Yet another Political simulation which you can try with this one is the interesting Shadow President.

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